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Planning Your Office Move

Your chosen removal company will take care of the planning and logistics. This will require a clear understanding of your objectives and your employee’s needs. You will usually be allocated a move manager and a tailor made move plan will be created. Your Commercial Move Manager and the team will carry out at least one site visit. They will need to assess your requirements and any potential challenges or obstacles.
Moving office furniture such as large desks, printers and computers requires due care and attention. It is always advised not to ask your staff to do these things, hiring the professionals is best as they are fully insured and trained to the appropriate health and safety standards The commercial removals team will create an inventory of items to be moved and a floor plan of the new office so the move will be swift and efficient.
  • The best work space solutions offer teams and workgroups the right tools to make productivity surge. Increase collaboration, accommodate new work styles and attract a new generation of knowledge workers with office furniture designed to enhance the user, not restrain them. Discover which office space trends are driving success in modern workplaces.

  • Modern office equipment and technology provides you with tools that improve the collaborative process, minimize waste, and streamline daily office tasks—increasing productivity and reducing spending across the workplace. Our Trends in Office Technology guide offers insight into which trends we predict will have the most impact on today's office environment.

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Bring your device compatiable

According to a recent study conducted by Cisco, 90% of Americans employed full time use their personally-owned mobile devices for work. As companies research how BYOD trends impact their day-to-day processes, it's become even more evident that a mobile printing solution is a crucial part of the successful integration.

Here's how a mobile printing solution can streamline your transition to a BYOD organization.

Office Equipment

interactive whiteboard in use

Interactive whiteboards are a familiar sight in the modern classroom. If your school is in the process of upgrading from traditional to interactive whiteboards, consider the suggestions below for helping match features to your school's educational objectives.

Clarity and durability —Interactive whiteboards for the K-12 classroom should be designed to stand up to daily use and provide a vibrant, clear viewing experience for all students.

Interactive Whiteboards

  As more companies are replacing bulky, stationary equipment with versatile, mobile technology, it has become more important that all the technology that supports a given business be seamlessly integrated. For many businesses, iPads and tablets are functioning as lightweight computers and virtual home bases. So what if you have to print a document for […]

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video conferencing

Video conferencing is on a fast track to becoming the preferred method for interviewing potential new hires. Businesses cite advantages like lower costs, wider geographical access to candidates, and an overall faster hiring process.

If you're about to conduct your first video conferencing interview, some advance preparations are in order. Here's what others have learned from their experiences.

Video Conferencing

people sitting at desks working

Outdated office furniture that's seen better days sends the wrong message to your employees. If your staff seems bored with their tasks, perhaps the problem is not with their work but their work environment. Research shows that a well-designed office environment featuring comfortable furniture and a few other must-have elements can have a positive impact on employee morale and productivity. Here's what's important.

Office Furniture

Nothing can lift sagging spirits like the aromatic, flavorful boost provided by coffee. It’s no wonder office workers have been turning to it for many years as their break of choice. It helps them get through their shift alert and refreshed. When they get that pleasing pick-me-up in your breakroom instead of from a barista […]

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An organized office is an efficient office, but while not every office’s needs are the same, the need for file storage organization is universal. Below we have profiled items from the quality product line of document management industry leader Bankers Box. These products can fill your needs for durable, functional file storage solutions. Effective Storage […]

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You need a copier (or two) for your law office and you’re not sure who to contact or where to start. We can all relate to that in some way, and that’s why we wanted to make the process easier by laying out the most important things to look for before jumping headfirst into a […]

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printed materials

J.K. Rowling was right when she said, "A good first impression can work wonders." There's little doubt J.K Rowling has worked a few wonders during her career, and we suggest taking her at her word. When it comes to your color printing, here's how much those first impressions matter.

Office Equipment

woman lecturing in classroom

Interactive whiteboards have come a long way since Sharp introduced the first model in February of 2011. Since then, Sharp has been on the cutting edge of innovative technologies, making interactive whiteboards indispensable tools for the modern business.

Interactive Whiteboards

Office supplies and furniture are necessary for every business’ operations. But wouldn’t it be nice to know how to save money on the products that you need and use every day? Check out these tips and resources for getting the best deals on all your must-have office products. Cash in on Rewards Today, many businesses […]

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desk riser

One of the most daunting health challenges facing today's knowledge workers is how to work more movement into their day. We now know that sitting for hours at a time can have severe health consequences, and the office furniture industry has responded by developing innovative standing desk solutions.

Office Furniture

video conferencing

What should you look for in a video conferencing system? For productive and stress-free meetings, here are a few features to insist upon.

Video Conferencing

The AdaptivErgo Sit-Stand Lifting Workstation allows you convert any desk into a sit-stand workstation that you can use at the office. Being able stand up at your desk gives you many health-related benefits while you work. The workstation’s height is easily adjustable too, so if you want to take a break from standing you can […]

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Moving into a new office space is a challenging endeavor that requires hard work, good planning, and a lot of time. Organizing a move is a team effort, and everyone you work with needs to contribute to make sure everything goes smoothly. If you want to have a hassle-free move you need plan things out […]

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Are you trying to attract youthful talent to your team or transform the way customers view your business? The furniture and layout of your office plays an instrumental role in each of these. If you’re looking to modernize your office, here are some office layout and design examples that’ll help you give an old-school office […]

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Bzzzzzzz Are you worried about unwanted, buzzing and stinging guests disrupting your company picnic this summer? We tested a three ingredient home remedy for keeping mosquitoes away that has been making the rounds on social media lately, and it really does work. It’s said that an application lasts 2 to 3 months. It’s been a […]

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interactive whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards can take your classroom presentations from passive viewing and listening to highly engaging, give-and-take learning opportunities your students will love. When choosing between offerings from a variety of manufacturers and suppliers, how can you tell which one is best for your school and classroom?

Interactive Whiteboards

stack of paper

Your business processes are comprised of hundreds or even thousands of moving parts. Keeping an eye on each one of them is a challenge, but without some form of monitoring, cost overages and inefficiencies can begin creeping into your workflows.

Control Your Print Costs

Your print environment is one area where a hands-off approach can be very costly. Here's a look at how printing costs can get out of control and what you can do to manage them.

Office Equipment

video conferencing

Has your organization tried video conferencing to enhance collaboration and conduct team meetings? Not sure of the differences between web and video conferencing? Here's how the two compare, and why video conferencing is the tool of choice for smoother, more productive meetings.

Video Conferencing

From label printers to telephones to multifunction printers, having the right office equipment is crucial to keeping a busy law office running smoothly and efficiently. We’ve put together a checklist to help you make sure you haven’t missed out on a gadget that can benefit your office. Label Printers Label printers allow you to create […]

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Everyone has an opinion when it comes to what the best way is to get equipment for your office. While there’s no perfect solution, there are pros and cons to both leasing and buying. We want to give you a quick, honest look at those to help you decide on the best direction when the […]

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office furniture

It may not seem like it, but the hot summer months aren't that far away. If you're looking for a more refreshing alternative for your office furniture, why not consider summer-friendly mesh seating? More and more business leaders are opting for mesh chairs for their employees and visiting clients.

When Mesh is Better

Mesh office chairs are a comfortable, long-lasting furniture option and it's easy to see why. Let's take a quick look at the benefits:

Office Furniture

interactive whiteboards

Is your company taking full advantage of digital technology to engage clients, train employees, and enhance your message? If you're still relying on static tools and last-century solutions to communicate, you're missing out. Here's how you can use a high-impact digital solution to convey your message in an entirely new way.

Interactive Whiteboards

office equipment

You put your printers and multifunction systems through the paces every day, and slowdowns caused by office equipment supply snags are never a part of the plan.

Stay Ahead of Common Problems

Do you have a plan in place to keep consumables on hand for your office equipment? Buying a few toner cartridges when you need them seems like a relatively simple procedure, but underestimating the importance of these basic supplies can bring a critical project to a complete stop. Here's how to stay ahead of the problem:

Office Equipment

Some workers underestimate how important it is to stay organized at the workplace. When you stay organized you can finish a lot more assignments during the day. In addition, being organized can help improve your personal image and make you a stronger employee. Take a few minutes to read about why you should try to […]

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How Our Services Help the Environment CMF Business Supplies is a green company that continuously makes efforts to give back to the environment. We created a few different eco-friendly programs, and each one does something to benefit the Earth. These programs allow us to cut down on the amount of waste that is left to […]

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video conferencing

Today's video conferencing systems use powerful technology solutions for as many as 30 users at one time. But even with technology on your side, a lot can happen to make your session less than satisfactory. Here's how to make sure you portray a professional image during company video conferencing meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Video Conferencing

A comfortable and visually appealing workspace can go a long way toward employee job satisfaction. Comfortable seating, natural lighting, and paint colors that reflect your brand and culture can make all the difference.

If your workspace needs some freshening up, check out our tips for an office space your employees will appreciate.

Office Furniture

interactive whiteboard

High-tech additions to your classroom can provide a wealth of new opportunities for learning. Tablets, interactive whiteboards, and printers are just a few of the basics that can transform a dull classroom into a dynamic, collaborative learning experience.

Here's how technology is changing the way students learn, and what your school district can do to pave the way to a tech-driven classroom experience.

Interactive Whiteboards

office furniture

Does your company's office environment portray the right image? Does it reflect your company mission statement and culture and provide a positive space for employee growth and collaboration?

If it's time for an office furniture update, read on to find out why it's so important to prioritize your company workspaces and customer-facing areas.

Office Furniture

interactive whiteboard

Has your education district learned the benefits of interactive whiteboards in the classroom? Now considered an essential tool for the K-12 sector, interactive whiteboards help teachers present lessons that engage students in new and exciting ways.

Interactive Whiteboards

office equipment

Your office equipment goes mostly unnoticed when it's functioning correctly and meeting your needs, but when it's not doing either one, your team may be hard-pressed to notice anything else. If your office equipment is taking center stage because it's behaving badly (or not at all), then it's time for a change.

Office Equipment

video conferencing

Has your company discovered the benefits of video conferencing? As a tool for business communication, video conferencing is slated to become as necessary to office productivity as the multifunction printer.

Here's why you'll want to give video conferencing a hard look for your next technology investment.

Video Conferencing

office furniture

Is it time for an office furniture check-up in your workspace? Before you dismiss your furnishings as unimportant to your overall goal of growing your business, read on to find out why your office furniture can have a surprising impact on your success.

Why Your Office Furniture Matters

There's no question that our surroundings impact everything from our mood to our productivity. Here's what studies and experience have proven time and again.

Office Furniture

interactive whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards are now well established as an effective tool in the classroom. High resolutions and LED backlights make for engaging presentations, and features like touchscreen controls and electronic pens make the experience interactive and even more beneficial.

Interactive Whiteboards

office equipment

Is your print environment secure, or is a fleet of outdated office equipment putting your information at risk? Solutions found in the latest office equipment address the issue of print security, and they do a great job of reducing costs caused by unnecessary printing too.

Here's how you can gain access to the one-two solution of improved security and lowered costs at the same time.

Office Equipment

video conferencing

A state-of-the-art video conferencing system can take your presentations and meetings from blah and boring to exciting and visually engaging. Even so, the best video conferencing presentation is only as good as your preparations. If your presentations have left your audience uninterested, check out our tips for a better experience the next time you're at the podium.

Video Conferencing

This winter seemed never ending but the snow is melting & the sun is shining. Open a window; breathe the fresh air & start spring cleaning.

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Throughout the past century, the concept of interior office design has changed dramatically. In the early 1900’s, office designs were rather simple, but with the introduction of new ideas and new kinds of technology, office designs began to evolve. Interior designs began to change to adapt to the new technology, and this ultimately led to […]

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Creating a Greener Office Space In recent years, business owners have been working to make their offices more environmentally friendly. With an eco-friendly office you can promote a healthier work ethic, which can make your employees happier and more productive. Creating an eco-friendly office space might sound like a challenge, but the process of doing […]

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Give Your Office Space a Personal Touch It can be hard to stay motivated at work if your office is not visually interesting. If you have trouble staying productive at the office, you might want to spend some time decorating so it suits your tastes. Giving your office space a personal touch can make you […]

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The Importance of Office Ergonomics If you have trouble staying focused while you are working, your workspace may not be very ergonomic. Office ergonomics is the science of designing your workspace in a way that makes you more comfortable and efficient while you work. Making your desk ergonomic is vital if you want to be […]

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Shopping for a New Office Chair If you feel uncomfortable sitting in your current office chair, you probably need to buy a new one. Shopping for a new chair of any kind can be difficult because there are many different chairs that offer plenty of different features. Below are a few features you should look […]

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The Best Calendars for 2018 Since the New Year is right around the corner, many office workers will need a new calendar for their workspace. There are a wide variety of calendars on the market, so it can be a bit overwhelming to find one that fits your needs. If you are having trouble finding […]

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When you are thinking of gifts to give people during the holidays, office supplies may not immediately come to mind. Despite what you may think, plenty of people love getting things like pens, binders and planners. This is because office workers enjoy getting things that can make their jobs easier. If you know people who […]

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Paper is a crucial part of the business world, even if businesses do a lot of work online now. Office workers print out hundreds of documents every day, so it is pretty clear paper isn’t going away any time soon. However, paper is something that is supposed to be recycled. Despite this, tons of paper […]

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Many people dread when fall arrives, because it marks the beginning of flu season, a period categorized by a notable outbreak of the influenza virus. The colder temperatures of the fall and winter months help make the virus more stable in the air, allowing it to spread around easily. For some people, the flu can […]

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It might seem hard to believe with the cold temperatures we’ve been experiencing, but spring officially begins on Tuesday. What better time to think about promoting your business with seasonal items that can boost awareness of your company or organization throughout the spring and summer. Here are five of our favorite promotional product categories that […]

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Higher test scores, increased energy, better focus….those are all things that teachers and administrators strive for but aren’t always easy to achieve. As you may know, the learning environment can play a significant role in each of these areas for students. If you’re looking for ways to improve the productivity and overall health and wellness […]

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