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Planning Your Office Move

Your chosen removal company will take care of the planning and logistics. This will require a clear understanding of your objectives and your employee’s needs. You will usually be allocated a move manager and a tailor made move plan will be created. Your Commercial Move Manager and the team will carry out at least one site visit. They will need to assess your requirements and any potential challenges or obstacles.
Moving office furniture such as large desks, printers and computers requires due care and attention. It is always advised not to ask your staff to do these things, hiring the professionals is best as they are fully insured and trained to the appropriate health and safety standards The commercial removals team will create an inventory of items to be moved and a floor plan of the new office so the move will be swift and efficient.
  • The best work space solutions offer teams and workgroups the right tools to make productivity surge. Increase collaboration, accommodate new work styles and attract a new generation of knowledge workers with office furniture designed to enhance the user, not restrain them. Discover which office space trends are driving success in modern workplaces.

  • Modern office equipment and technology provides you with tools that improve the collaborative process, minimize waste, and streamline daily office tasks—increasing productivity and reducing spending across the workplace. Our Trends in Office Technology guide offers insight into which trends we predict will have the most impact on today's office environment.

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What Are the Top Considerations When Buying Generators in South Africa? South Africa was recently back in the spotlight with regards to its erratic electricity supply. Businesses realise that power outages and load shedding pose a risk to their operations, and many simply do not want to take the chance of being left stranded with… Read More

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Turn to Raydian for Modern Power Solutions, Perfect for a Modern Economy The South African economy is facing numerous challenges in terms of the stability and viability of its electricity supply. From the rising costs of electricity to the ever-looming threat of load shedding and power outages, power supply is on the minds of many… Read More

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Automate Your Office and Get More Done Why should your business not benefit from the leaps and bounds that technology has made in the past decade? Change is the only constant, and innovation is all the time delivering new ways of doing things better. If you are still using the old-fashioned, paper-intensive ways of getting… Read More

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Does It Really Pay to Invest in Backup Power Solutions? Running a company is challenging all on its own. You do not need the uncertainty of an unreliable electricity supply hanging over your head too. Electrical power is essential. It is the one thing business cannot do without. To put it into perspective, it is… Read More

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How New HP Printers Consume Less Ink Printer manufacturers design their devices to deliver as many pages as possible out of their ink cartridges. Is is not accurate to say that manufacturers make their printers cheap, only to charge an arm and a leg for their ink cartridges. It is advantageous both for the consumer… Read More

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You Cannot Ever Be Over-Prepared for a Power Outage Just as we lowered our guard after the devastating load shedding that defined the last part of the previous decade, South Africans received a rude awakening during the winter of 2018. We became aware all over again of the precarious state of electricity supply in South… Read More

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Laser Toner Cartridges Are Expensive, So How Can You Get the Most Out of Them? This is a common concern among consumers who face the prospect of restocking their printer consumables frequently and it is a reasonable one. There are a few simple ways you can maximise your laser toner cartridge and get more out… Read More

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Why Your Business Needs Expert Managed Print Solutions Businesses of all sizes will benefit from adopting managed print solutions in their organisations. These solutions are designed to manage every aspect of your printing device. These days, all-in-one printers mean that you can have a single device for printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. This means you… Read More

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Save Space, Money, and Time with a Powerful HP All-in-One Printer It was not that long ago that businesses across South Africa, and indeed the world, had standalone units for printing, scanning, faxing, and copying. These bulky pieces of equipment took up valuable office floorspace and required employees to make the trek to each one… Read More

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3 Common Printer Errors You Can Fix on Your Own Before Calling the Professionals Is it not the most frustrating thing, when you are prepping for that all-important presentation, and the printer acts up, or when you need to print training material for an entire office of co-workers who are waiting for you? To be… Read More

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How You Can Save on Your Printer Cartridges Right Now Printer consumables are without a doubt one of the biggest expenses in an office. It is only natural that business owners and office managers are always in search of ways to save on this big overhead cost. However, ultimately, you do not have a choice… Read More

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Keep the Lights On with Dependable Generators for Your Business If your business cannot keep its doors open, it cannot trade and make money. Business continuity was a buzzword at the time when load shedding swept through South Africa, with many companies frantically scurrying to buy generators to enable their continued operation. While the trauma… Read More

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HP’s Latest Laser Printers Are Far Smaller Than Yesteryear’s HP revealed their new LaserJet Pro M15 and M28 series laser printers in March 2018 and they are the smallest laser printers in their class. To put it into perspective, these tiny printers reach the height of a number-two pencil. However, do not let their small… Read More

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Does Printer Leasing Make Sense for Your Office? Is it better leasing a printer than buying one? The answer will depend on your business. There is no simple, one-size-fits-all answer that works for everybody. While, for some businesses, it might make financial sense to buy printers outright, for others, leasing printer technology allows them access… Read More

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Printer Rentals Have Many Advantages Do you want access to the latest printer automation technology, but are not interested in their maintenance and repairs? If so, then printer rentals might be just what you have been looking for. Aside from the obvious benefits that come with printer rentals, such as being able to access the… Read More

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Just as We Thought We Were Out of the Woods, the Threat of Load Shedding Looms It has been ten years since South Africa was first introduced to the concept of electricity load shedding in 2008. For several years, we had to contend with intermittent interruptions in the electricity supply, and this became South African… Read More

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Best Practices for Getting the Last Drop Out of Your Ink Cartridges Did you know you are probably throwing away a lot of money without even realising it? One of the biggest line items in an office’s budget is printer consumables. If you are throwing out your HP ink cartridges before they are completely empty,… Read More

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Why Your Business Needs an All-in-One Printer When it comes to back-office tasks, a handful of them takes up a vast percentage of your team’s time and output. For many modern South African offices, jobs such as faxing, scanning, and copying documents consume too many hours during the day. It can be frustrating and inefficient… Read More

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When Printer Repairs Are Called for, and When You Should Opt for a New Printer It can be difficult to decide whether to call in professional printer repairs, and when to just throw in the towel and buy a new printer. You always want to ensure you get the most out of your printer and… Read More

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Maximising Your Return on Investment from Office Automation Technology Many people are caught up in the hysteria of the fourth industrial revolution. However, forward-thinking professionals are rejecting the notion that the machines are out to steal jobs. They are using technology to streamline their jobs and make them even more productive, efficient, and valuable to… Read More

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How Can You Get the Most Out of Your Business Printer? Most small to medium companies today still have business printers in their offices. These printers make it easy to produce quality printouts and may even double as a photocopier and scanner as well. It can be tough trying to get the most value out… Read More

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Replace Four Machines with One and Invest in Multifunctional Printers The days of having to have a printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine on the premises are thankfully over. Today, you can scan, print, copy, and fax from one machine that can do it all. Put simply, a multifunctional printer is a powerful computer capable… Read More

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Never be Caught Off-Guard Again and Invest in the Generators We Have for Sale The load shedding that took place a few years ago is still fresh in the memories of many South Africans. The energy landscape in South Africa was changed irrevocably when load shedding became part of the South African vernacular, and it… Read More

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The Surprising Reason Behind Laser Toner Cartridges’ Popularity Laser printers have changed the way businesses approach their printing needs, for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons for laser printers’ popularity is its toner cartridge technology, and specifically the speed at which they can deliver exceptional quality prints. The significance of this should… Read More

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What Are the Merits of Printer Rentals for Your Business? While many businesses prefer owning their printers outright, leasing a printer can be advantageous for many businesses. When looking for printer technology for your company, doing your homework is essential. The last thing you want to do is to invest in an expensive piece of… Read More

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HP Ink Cartridges and Printers Available at Raydian There is no denying that you can get more done when you invest in quality printer brands such as HP. When combining an HP printer with the right HP ink cartridges, you can expect exceptional results, every time. HP is a brand that certainly needs no introduction… Read More

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Consider Printer Repairs Instead of Trashing Your Old Equipment   Throwing out your old outdated printing might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but did you know that you can continue using them? Why throw away expensive equipment when you can repair it and enjoy many more years of service from it?… Read More

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Find the Right Diesel Generator for Sale for Your Business If your business has ever been affected by power outages and load shedding, then you are well aware of the financial loss and frustration that are usually involved. Load shedding might have, for the time being, receded into the rear-view mirror, but there are still… Read More

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Printer Sales – Many Brands If you are shopping around for the best business printers on sale to benefit your business’s bottom line, and that will suit your budget, you have come to the right place. At Raydian, we understand that every business has unique printing requirements and, because of this, your requirements for printers… Read More

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How You Can Save On Print Cartridges Each Year If you run a busy office (whether external or at home) you will be faced with monthly operating costs. What most business owners often overlook is just how much excess cash they are spending on their printing. In fact, many business owners are shocked when they… Read More

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What Do Office Automation Companies Do? What exactly is office automation and what is it that office automation companies do? You have probably heard about it before but have never been entirely sure what it entails. Office automation is the process of networking and linking various devices, office equipment, and machinery to streamline the processes… Read More

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Don’t Spend Too Much on Toner Cartridges; Here Are Top Tips from The Pros in The Industry Buying ink and toner cartridges for use in the office can be a costly affair, especially when you calculate how much this costs over the course of a year. Unfortunately, printers and copiers need toner or ink in… Read More

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Printer Sales At Raydian Buying a new printer for the office can be trying. Most business owners are pressured to buy the latest brands and models released on the market, regardless of whether they are really the most suitable. We can probably all agree that technology has taken printers and other office devices to the… Read More

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Backup Power Solutions That Are Specifically Crafted for Your Business In today’s tough economy, and with competition being rife in every field and industry, there is simply no room for mediocrity. Unfortunately, our national grid is not always as reliable as we would hope and often that means that some companies may, at times, not… Read More

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Office Automation at Its Best at Raydian With 30 years of experience in the industry, we can handle all your office automation needs at Raydian. If your office is not yet automated, you should be asking yourself why not. There are many benefits to office automation. First and foremost, you will need fewer hands on… Read More

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