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Planning Your Office Move

Your chosen removal company will take care of the planning and logistics. This will require a clear understanding of your objectives and your employee’s needs. You will usually be allocated a move manager and a tailor made move plan will be created. Your Commercial Move Manager and the team will carry out at least one site visit. They will need to assess your requirements and any potential challenges or obstacles.
Moving office furniture such as large desks, printers and computers requires due care and attention. It is always advised not to ask your staff to do these things, hiring the professionals is best as they are fully insured and trained to the appropriate health and safety standards The commercial removals team will create an inventory of items to be moved and a floor plan of the new office so the move will be swift and efficient.
  • The best work space solutions offer teams and workgroups the right tools to make productivity surge. Increase collaboration, accommodate new work styles and attract a new generation of knowledge workers with office furniture designed to enhance the user, not restrain them. Discover which office space trends are driving success in modern workplaces.

  • Modern office equipment and technology provides you with tools that improve the collaborative process, minimize waste, and streamline daily office tasks—increasing productivity and reducing spending across the workplace. Our Trends in Office Technology guide offers insight into which trends we predict will have the most impact on today's office environment.

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How to Create an Effective Homeschooling System With the recent stay at home orders, schools across the country have been closed for the remainder or the school year. As a result, most parents have been pushed to homeschool their kids. Not all parents are teachers, of course, so plenty of them will struggle to offer effective lesson plans.  […]

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Handy Supplies for Homeschooling To help your student while they’re learning from home, try to get your hands on these essential school supplies. Recent events have severely impacted our country’s educational system. Hundreds of schools have shut down for the remainder of the year, and students of all ages are transitioning to homeschooling. Whether you […]

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Leading analyst firm awards Ricoh a BLI PaceSetter honor for Smart Workplace: Collaboration Systems 2020-2021

Ergonomic Office Furniture Tips for Working at Home  Workplace ergonomics are important, even when you’re working out of the office. Many office workers are adjusting to working at home, and may not be comfortable with their surroundings. Just like working at the office, the key to staying productive is by constructing a comfy workspace and practicing healthy […]

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Great Office Supplies for the Home Office  Over the past few years, the concept of working from home is one that’s become more acceptable for companies across the country. Recently, the spread of the coronavirus has made working from home a standard practice. Thousands of office workers are staying home to keep healthy, but some […]

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Serving Coffee at Work Makes Workers More Productive If you’re looking for a way to improve productivity in your office, you should consider working with an office coffee service. According to a study done by, 43% of office workers drink coffee because it makes them more productive. This is because it can improve moods and inspire collaboration among […]

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Ergonomic Office Supplies That Make You Healthier As an office worker, you should always be thinking about ergonomics. The more comfortable you are at your desk, the easier it will be for you to finish assignments in a timely manner. If you aren’t looking for ways to enhance your work environment, you could lose the […]

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Simplifying the Procurement Process for Office Products  No matter what industry you work in, it’s crucial that you have an efficient process for procuring supplies. You want to make sure your employees have quality supplies to work with, while making sure you aren’t spending too much money. By reevaluating your existing procurement system, you can save […]

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Getting Your Promotional Office Products Out & Into The World Giving away branded products is an excellent way to promote your business to lots of different people. However, selecting the right products to give away is only one part of the process. You also need to figure out a distribution method so you can get these items […]

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In today's business world, there's no telling where workers will be located. Some may be in your office while one team is overseas, and others are made up of contract workers around the country. With video conferencing, none of that distance matters when it's time to collaborate and get work done.

Video Conferencing


Given the amount of time that the average American worker spends in the office, they must have a functional and comfortable work environment. The average workweek has increased to 44 hours. It has also been shown that when employees have a comfortable workspace, their productivity increases by 20%. Understanding these statistics can help guide the office furniture you select and how it is arranged. 

Office Furniture


Those who remember the chalkboard may also be acquainted with interactive whiteboards. These teaching tools not only empower instructors by giving them a platform upon which to present information, but interactive whiteboards also make students feel like they are part of the lessons taught over the podium. The experts have studied the pros and cons, and it appears that whiteboards are the next level of classroom engagement.

Interactive Whiteboards

How You Can Benefit from Using Recurring Orders If you frequently order office products from the same company, you might benefit from setting up a recurring order schedule. With this system, you can set an order online and have the same products sent to you again after a set period of time has passed. If […]

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There is no end to the number of documents that need to be scanned for most businesses. However, the scanning process doesn't have to be an overly long one. Here's why it pays to use faster scanners for every scanning task.

Office Equipment


Today, many office tools have unbelievable features that allow for business to be done quicker and easier. Interactive whiteboards are a beneficial device for every office to have. Here's how to choose the right whiteboard for your company.

Interactive Whiteboards

Picking the Best Promotional Office Supplies Promotional products are some of the best marketing tools at your disposal, since people like to receive gifts at trade shows and public events. If you put your logo on these items, you will get your brand in front of many new faces, getting you a lot of publicity. […]

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Interior Design Tips for Your Office or Facility Lobby When you have guests visiting your building, the lobby is the first thing they will see. You want to leave visitors with positive impressions of your business, so you need to make sure your lobby reflects your brand properly. After all, making clients feel welcome is the key to developing long and […]

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Printers, like other office equipment, has come a long way over the past ten years. There are two common types of printers that can be used in the office, and each of them comes with their pros and cons. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your company's next printer. 

Office Equipment


Video conferencing is a fantastic way to be there for meetings that are happening anywhere in the world. When your office is video conferencing, it's important to follow the proper etiquette that will make it easier for everyone to participate in the conference and to get the most out of it.

Video Conferencing


What Kind of Office Space Do You Have?

It makes no difference if you have,

Office Furniture

Prepping Your Office for the Cold Season While the winter season is annoying for many, office workers have the benefit of getting to work indoors. Winter does create a few hassles in the office though, and if you don’t make preparations there can be some big problems to deal with. Fortunately, you can avoid these […]

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The use of teaching materials in the classroom gives students a broader view of everything that is taught. These boards are highly interactive, allowing for several different media types to be used in each lesson. 

Interactive Whiteboards


The office equipment that your company uses is one of its more critical investments. These machines do so many tasks that most employees would be unable to do their jobs at all without them. However, many office machines can do far more than they are being used for. Here's how to get more use out of your office equipment without buying new machines.

Office Equipment

Don’t Forget These Cleaning Supplies Disinfecting wipes, trash bags, and tissues are janitorial supplies that everyone knows to have in the office. However, there are a few helpful products that companies neglect to buy. From air purifiers to canned air, along with other items like floor mats, there other essential supplies you should keep around […]

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Ergonomic Task Chairs & More for the Office CMF Business Supplies carries office chairs from some of the best manufacturers in the country. Today, we’d like to put the spotlight on one of our most notable partners: 9to5 Seating. From task chairs to lounge seating, 9to5 carries plenty of comfortable products that are ideal for any office environment.  […]

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Business people looking at screen during video conference in office

The need to meet and collaborate is as high as even in the workplace, even with so many people working remotely. With video conferencing, however, your company gets many of the advantages of everyone being in the same place at the same time without flying anyone in or canceling vacations.

Video Conferencing


Furniture serves a lot of roles in the office, but among the most important of them is to keep workers comfortable. When it doesn't provide any comfort, there are a host of negative effects, including bad employee morale and strained muscles.

Office Furniture

Fake Toners Continue to Cause Problems Earlier this year, we talked about counterfeit ink and toner cartridges, and how they impact online sellers. Over the past year, another issue has come to our attention: the widespread sale of cloned Chinese toners. As these low-cost clones flood online storefronts, it gets much harder for businesses to […]

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Motivate Workers With Tasty Breakroom Snacks It is difficult for the average office worker to stay motivated for eight hours straight. Workers need energy during the day, so it would be wise to keep the breakroom stocked with snacks. Healthy snacks are great for the office, since they provide energy that will keep workers from burning out. Yet, it […]

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School is Almost in Session Again August is upon us, which means the new school year is just around the corner. Students are not ready to go back just yet, but it would be wise to start back-to-school shopping now. Lots of people will be rushing to grab supplies as the month progresses, so getting ahead of the game can […]

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back to school supplies, teaching supplies, electric pencil sharpener, desk organizer, pocket folder, three hole punch, CMF

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Price Hikes for Business Supplies & More Anyone who sells things online is no stranger to sales; marking down prices is a great way to entice shoppers into buying a few extra things. Small businesses and big-box stores alike can benefit greatly from sales, but some big-box stores take things a little too far. Some of these stores mark down prices to […]

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Make Your Mark Custom stamps are among the best tools you can use in the modern office. Not only do they speed up the shipping process thanks to their ease of use, you can add your company logo to them and make any letters or packages you send look more professional. On top of this, […]

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Paper is Costing Us More While digital media is taking the world by storm, most industries still rely on paper in one way or another. Unfortunately, paper prices have been increasing, making it much harder for smaller industries to obtain it in a cost-effective manner. Ultimately, this increase in paper costs has affected several industries […]

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Office Hacks for Extra Convenience at Work It is hard to get work done if you let your workspace get out of control. Things like messy clumps of cables and strewn office supplies on your desk can make it easy for you to lose focus if you like things to be tidy. Fortunately for you, […]

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Copy Paper for Home & the Office Anyone who works in an office environment needs to have a steady supply of copy paper for the office printer. If you need to stock up, consider buying High Speed Multi-Purpose Copy Paper. This brand of paper can be used with several printer models, and has other uses […]

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Making Space in Small Offices It is important to have a place to store your office supplies and important documents during workhours. By storing these items, you can keep your desk looking presentable, and it will be a lot easier for you to retrieve the one specific item you need. One issue, however, is that […]

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A few things have changed the meeting process at work more than interactive whiteboards. With these whiteboards, a whole new world of presentation and collaboration is opened up.

Interactive Whiteboards


The office is the place where everything gets done. Without the right office set up however, working is only made more difficult. Here’s what you need to fully outfit your office to be functional and effective.

Office Equipment

video conference

While video conference meetings can save time and help your team coordinate regardless of physical location, inefficient video meetings can be a waste of time and resources. It's important to set up conferences properly so you can reach the desired outcome and solve the issues facing your team. If you've been having trouble keeping your team meetings on track and productive, it's important to identify the main issues that are keeping your meetings from being successful and use your tools to resolve them. 

Video Conferencing

tax deductible

In the office, an enormous part of the way business gets done depends on the office furniture that employees are provided with. That furniture creates individual workspaces, supplies the employees with comfort and provides employees with spaces for both quiet workspaces and collaboration areas. Your office furniture also comes with its own tax rules that can greatly benefit your company.

Office Furniture

Fake Toners Continue to Cause Problems Earlier this year, we talked about counterfeit ink and toner cartridges, and how they impact online sellers. Over the past year, another issue has come to our attention: the widespread sale of cloned Chinese toners. As these low-cost clones flood online storefronts, it gets much harder for businesses to […]

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interactive board

The office is like any other institution in the country, using the latest technologies for better, easier communication, improved organization and the many possibilities that new tech brings. One of the changes sweeping companies across the country are the interactive whiteboard solutions that are making a difference in office communication. 

Interactive Whiteboards

hard drive

The hard drive of a piece of office equipment stores a lot of data, and the use and disposal of it should be safeguarded. While everyone knows that a computer has a hard drive, many people aren't aware that there are many other office machines that also contain them. Here's how you can tell whether a piece of your own office equipment has one or not.

Office Equipment

Motivate Workers With Tasty Breakroom Snacks It is difficult for the average office worker to stay motivated for eight hours straight. Workers need energy during the day, so it would be wise to keep the breakroom stocked with snacks. Healthy snacks are great for the office, since they provide energy that will keep workers from burning out. Yet, it […]

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video conference

Virtually every business needs to hold conferences now and then. Even a very small company will have to get its employees together for announcements, assignments and to organize projects. However, not every employee will be in the same building at the same time. And when people from other companies need to be in the conference, the logistics can get even more complicated. To make everything far easier, there is video conferencing.

Video Conferencing

office interior

The way the office is set up affects a number of different aspects inside that office. The right collection of furniture and its placement can affect the morale of your employees. It can also influence where they spend their time in the office, how much storage is available to them and how comfortable they are while working.

Office Furniture